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Why to reduce electrode consumption and improve graphite electrode quality
Views: 804 Update date: Mar 21,2020

Graphite electrode is mainly used in the field of electric furnace as conductive material. Compared with other conductive materials, graphite electrode material has the greatest advantage of good conductivity and toughness, can resist the impact of large current, and does not soften or melt at high temperature, so it is widely used in the field of high temperature electric furnace steelmaking. The electric arc furnace in steelmaking uses it as the conductive material, and the heat energy is transferred to the furnace charge by the arc light to melt the scrap steel. In recent years, the proportion of EAF steel in the total steel output has increased year by year, and now it has exceeded 40%. The output of EAF steel is growing rapidly, and the graphite electrode required in the production is 1.9 million T / A, among which the electrode consumption cost accounts for 15% - 30% of the total cost.

Therefore, it has become an important aspect of EAF steelmaking cost and energy saving to explore the mechanism of electrode consumption, to reduce the effective measures of electrode consumption and to reduce the production cost.

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