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Why need to stir after casting the carbon raiser?
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When novice casters first stepped into the foundry, often saw that the master would stir from time to time after putting the carbon raiser into the molten iron. Some novices are very puzzled. Why do they need to stir?


Stirring is a very common action for casting. This is because stirring can uniformly improve the flow properties of molten iron, and stirring after adding the carbon raiser can effectively increase the contact area between the carbon raiser and the molten iron, thereby increasing the increase carbon efficiency. When the carbon raiser is added to the furnace together with the charge, the efficiency of the carbon raiser is usually improved by stirring. When using the carbon raiser, the carbon raiser can be placed at the bottom of the bag, and when the iron is tapped flush directly into the bag, and remember not to put the carbon raiser on the surface of the molten iron after the iron is tapped!


carbon raiser


Therefore, do not underestimate the subtle action of stirring, which can often effectively improve the casting effect of the carbon raiser and increase the absorption rate, which plays a very important role in saving costs and improving product quality!

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