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Why are carbon raisers used in smelting industry?
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In the smelting process of iron and steel products, due to factors such as smelting time, holding time, and overheating time, the smelting loss of carbon in the molten iron increases. As a result, the carbon content in the molten iron is reduced, and the carbon content in the molten iron does not reach the theoretical value expected in refining. In order to make up for the carbon content burned during the iron and steel smelting process, the added carbon-containing substances are called Carbon Raiser.

The Uses of Carbon Raiser 
In the smelting process, due to improper ingredients or charging and excessive decarbonization and other reasons. As a result, the carbon content in the steel does not meet the expected requirements, and it is necessary to add carbon to the molten steel. Commonly used carburizers include carburized pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder.

When smelting high-carbon steel grades in a converter, petroleum coke with few impurities is used as a carbon enhancer. The use of carbon raiser can not only make up for the burning of carbon in the iron and steel smelting process, but also ensure the carbon content of certain steel grades. It can also be used for post-furnace adjustment.



Types of Recarburizer
There are many materials that can be used as a recarburizer for cast iron. Commonly used are artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke, natural graphite, coke, anthracite and mixtures made with such materials.
According to the material, the carburizing agent can be generally divided into: metallurgical coke carburizing agent, calcined coal carburizing agent, petroleum coke carburizing agent, graphitizing carburizing agent, natural graphite carburizing agent, composite carburizing agent.
The materials used for the carburizer mainly include graphite, graphite-like, electrode block, coke, silicon carbide and other materials. Commonly used electrode blocks and silicon carbide carburant have the advantages of high carbon content and strong oxidation resistance, but the production process is relatively complicated and the cost is high. Using coke powder and graphite as carbon-enhancing materials, the production cost is lower than materials such as electrode blocks, but the content of ash and sulfur is high, the carbon content is low, and the effect of carbon increase is not good.

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