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What problems should be paid attention to when using recarburizer?
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What should be paid attention to in the application of recarburizers for casting, let us briefly explain to you:


1. Choose a recarburizer suitable for your own furnace:

If you want to apply a good recarburizer in casting, you should choose a good type of recarburizer. Because different recarburizers are usually available, the smelting furnaces are also very different. Before purchasing a recarburizer, you should fully understand the type of recarburizer used in your furnace.


2. Select a recarburizer with a medium nitrogen content that meets the requirements:

In general, a low nitrogen content recarburizer should be selected when casting, which will ensure that the harmful substances are minimized, and the content of titanium in the molten iron is very low, and it is not easy to consume. A lot of nitrogen, which is very easy to cause many air holes, air shrinkage and other shortcomings due to the increase of nitrogen content.


3. Choose a recarburizer with good graphitization:

When casting, you should choose a recarburizer with better graphitization as much as possible, otherwise it will cause low digestibility, slowness, slag, and harmful elements will continue to harm the quality of molten iron.


4. Put the recarburizer at the right time:

When casting, pay attention to the addition time of the recarburizer. Generally, it can be added in the early, middle and late stages of casting, and it can also be added with scrap steel. The addition can also have the effect of preparatory treatment, which can improve the key of high-purity graphite.

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