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What are the types of petroleum coke?
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According to different coking processes, petroleum coke can be divided into delayed petroleum coke and axe coke. At present, the most widely used delayed coke is produced by delayed coking.


According to the different sulfur content, it can be divided into high sulfur coke, medium sulfur coke and low sulfur coke.


According to the ash content, it can be divided into low ash coke and multi ash coke.


In general, petroleum coke used for graphite products production is selected as petroleum coke with low sulfur ash, high mechanical strength and relatively small CTE.


Main physical and chemical indexes of calcined petroleum coke, pitch coke and needle coke: true density (≥ 2.10g / cm 3), specific resistance of powder (≥ 480u Ω. M), ash (≥ 0.3%), sulfur (0.5 ≤%)

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