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What are the benefits of carbon raiser for casting?
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Carbon raiser is a ferroalloy product used to increase the content of carbon elements. Carbon raisers can be divided into graphite carbon raisers, petroleum coke carbon raisers, and coal carbon raisers. Casting carbon raisers are specially designed for casting products produced by the process, it is far from enough to save the carbon element content in the molten iron by adding the metal charge during the casting process while using the electric furnace. In the case of the loss of this carbon element content, the carbon raiser needs to be used to ensure that the carbon content in the molten iron meets the production standard, it can be seen that the carbon raiser plays an important role in casting.


The use of carbon raisers in casting can effectively generate and promote graphite cores. A certain proportion of carbon raisers are added to the molten iron. Some of them are dissolved in the molten iron, but there are still some unmelted carbon raisers in the form of graphite. The carbon in the smelting furnace is drawn into the molten iron stream in the form of particles, and there are some larger carbon raiser particles. These unmelted carbon raisers will be firmly adsorbed in the center of the furnace wall of the smelting furnace when the power is turned on, but if it breaks with electricity, these unmelted carbon raisers will be suspended. After laboratory observations, very small carbon raiser particles can be suspended in the molten iron during the process of graphite melting, even when the power is stopped. These tiny particles of carbon raiser are close to the material that constitutes the iron alloy eutectic crystal nucleus. The suspended carbon raiser particles are conducive to the formation of graphite cores, which can prevent the white mouth phenomenon caused by excessive cooling during casting!


Carbon Raiser


The particle size of the carbon raiser for foundry is the main factor that affects the melting of the carbon raiser into the molten iron. Although the recarburization rate after 15 minutes is the same, the recarburization time of the carbon raiser that reaches 90% is very different. It takes 13 minutes for the carbon raiser to be processed by the particle size, 8 minutes to remove the fine powder carbon raiser, and only 6 minutes to remove the fine powder and coarse carbon raiser. This shows that the size of the carbon raiser has a greater impact on the recarburization time, It is not good to mix fine powder and coarse particles, especially when the content of fine powder is high.


The purpose of adding carbon raiser in the smelting process is to increase the carbon content, which can better increase the graphitization expansion, thereby reducing the appearance of shrinkage and porosity in the castings. The carbon raiser is also important for the recovery rate of magnesium. In addition, the use of carbon raisers increases the carbon content of molten iron, which can improve the fluidity of ductile iron and is conducive to feeding. After a large number of experiments, it is concluded that the carbon raiser content required to produce high-quality castings is c%+1 /7si%>39%.

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