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There are many kinds of carbon rods
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There are many kinds of carbon rods, which can be divided into lighting carbon rods, heating carbon rods, conducting carbon rods and spectral analysis carbon rods according to their application characteristics.


The lighting carbon rod mainly uses the electric arc light energy, which can be used in film projection, photographic plate making, searchlight, film photography and other places requiring high light intensity. The main technical requirements for various arc carbon rods are: (1) brightness; (2) stability during arc combustion; (3) combustion speed.


Arc can be divided into pure carbon arc, flame arc and high intensity arc. They have their own characteristics in raw material selection, manufacturing process and use. The pure carbon carbon rod is made of carbon material, and its working current density is about 20-30A/ cm 2; the shell of the flame arc carbon rod is made of carbon material, inlaid with a core material with a diameter of about 1 / 2 of the outer diameter, and the core material contains potassium salt and iron salt to improve the stability of the arc, as well as 5% - 10% rare earth metal fluorides to improve the brightness, and its working current density is 30-40A/ cm2. The characteristic of high bright arc carbon rod is that the content of rare earth metal fluoride in its core material reaches 50% - 70%, and its working current density is about 120A/ cm2.


The carbon rod for carbon arc air gouging uses the carbon arc with a temperature of more than 4000 ℃. It is mainly used for opening welding slots for castings and components such as steel, brass, cemented carbide, stainless steel, etc., flattening welds, gates, scrap edges, burrs, cutting, drilling, repairing and other operations. It mainly includes: the surface of carbon rod shall be copper plated; the resistivity of carbon rod without copper plating shall not be greater than 23 μ Ω· m, the ash content shall not be greater than 1.5%, the bending strength of round carbon rod shall not be less than 22Mpa, and that of rectangular carbon rod shall not be less than 17Mpa. Welding carbon rod is used for electrode of arc welding, that is to say, welding is carried out by using arc heat generated between carbon rod and carbon rod or between carbon rod and metal.


Carbon rods for precision casting, battery, grounding and electrolytic manganese all use their conductivity as conducting electrodes.


The carbon rod for spectrum analysis must be made of low ash material. It has the characteristics of high purity, high mechanical strength, good conductivity and thermal stability. It is used as the carbon electrode of spectrograph for spectroscopic analysis.

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