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The correct use of petroleum coke carbon raiser 
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Petroleum coke carbon raiser is currently widely used carbon raiser, which is obtained by calcining petroleum coke. Petroleum coke carbon raiser is a by-product obtained from refining crude oil. Crude oil is usually pressure distillation or vacuum distillation to obtain residual oil and petroleum pitch. Both can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of petroleum coke carbon raiser. After coking, raw petroleum coke can be obtained. The raw petroleum coke has a high impurity content and cannot be used directly as a carbon raiser. It must be calcined first.


To rationally use petroleum coke carbon raisers, it needs to be used according to classification. Petroleum coke carbon raisers can be divided into sponge petroleum coke carbon raisers, needle-shaped petroleum coke carbon raisers, granular petroleum coke carbon raisers, and smoked petroleum coke. The main application methods of carbon raiser are:


1. Sponge petroleum coke carbon raiser is prepared by delayed coking method. Because of its high sulfur and metal content, it is usually used as a fuel during calcination, and it can also be used as a raw material for calcining petroleum coke. The calcined plum coke is mainly used in the aluminum industry and as a carbon raiser.


2. Needle-shaped petroleum coke carbon raiser is prepared by delayed coking method using raw materials with high aromatic hydrocarbon content and low impurity content. This kind of coke has a needle-like structure that is easy to crack, sometimes called graphite coke, and is mainly used to make graphite electrodes after sintering.


3. The granular petroleum coke carbon raiser is in the form of hard particles. It is made from raw materials with high content of sulfur and pitch and is prepared by the delayed coking method. It is mainly used as fuel.


4. The largest user of smoked petroleum coke carbon raisers is the aluminum industry, most of which are used to make anodes for reducing bauxite.

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