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The advantages of graphite carbon raiser
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Carbon raiser refers to the molecular structure of carbon products that are changed by high temperature or other means, and they are arranged regularly. This kind of molecular arrangement allows carbon to have a wider molecular distance, which is more conducive to decomposition and nucleation in molten iron or molten steel. . Graphite carbon raisers currently on the market generally come from two sources, one is scrap cutting of graphite electrodes, and the other is graphitized products of petroleum coke with 3000 degrees.


Graphite carbon raiser is well received by the metallurgical industry because of its good recarburization effect, good carbon yield, stable effect, and high cleanliness of molten steel. It is a high-quality material for recarburization in the metallurgical industry.


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Characteristics of graphite carbon raiser:

1. High absorption rate: graphite carbon raiser with 80% C content has an absorption effect equivalent to more than 90% of coal carbon raiser.

2. Easy to use: no need to adjust feeding equipment and methods.

3. Energy saving and consumption reduction: because of its high absorption rate and fast reaction speed, the smelting time is shortened and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is achieved.

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