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Skills in the procurement of carbon raisers
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As carbon raisers have gradually become a frequently used raw material in the industry, more and more manufacturers purchase carbon raisers. Good carbon raisers can produce high-quality products, so the purchase of carbon raisers should also be comprehensive understand that there are skills in the procurement of carbon raisers instead of blindly purchasing, resulting in waste and loss of production costs. The following are usually common problems when purchasing carbon raisers:


First, when purchasing carbon raisers, pay attention to the graphitized carbon raisers that have undergone high temperature treatment. The quality of the graphitized carbon raisers is better. It can be seen by hand and can draw good marks on paper, which is a better carbon raiser.


Secondly, high-temperature graphitization carbon raisers should be used as much as possible, such as graphite electrodes or graphitized oil coke, because good carbon raisers have a higher absorption rate and a fast dissolution rate, which is beneficial to reduce energy consumption and can effectively increase molten iron, nucleate the core and improve the quality of metallurgy; choose sulfur, nitrogen and other low-impurity-containing carbon raisers. When purchasing, pay attention to the sulfur content of the carbon raisers. The high-content carbon raisers also have high nitrogen content. When the nitrogen content of gray iron molten iron is higher than the equilibrium concentration, it is easy to produce crack-like nitrogen holes. Ductile iron molten iron is easy to produce shrinkage defects in the thick wall part, and when the impurity content is high, the tendency of casting slag inclusion is increased.

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