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Recarburizer meaning
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What is a recarburizer?

Recarburizer is a product used to increase carbon element (C) in the process of steelmaking. Various factors will cause the carbon content in molten steel to decrease, which will affect the quality of finished steel. Therefore, steel mills often purchase recarburizers to deal with the drop in carbon during steelmaking.


There are many types of recarburizers. Common types include graphite recarburizers, petroleum coke recarburizers, calcined coal recarburizers, etc. They are mainly used in various occasions, but the steelmaking industry is widely used. The factory will have a corresponding purchase plan every month.




The use of graphite recarburizer
1. Graphite recarburizer can improve the metallographic structure of castings
2. Graphite recarburizer has the function of quickly making cast iron generate graphite core
3. Graphite recarburizer also has the purpose of shortening the carburizing time and improving the carburizing effect

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