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Realization of graphitization process of graphite electrode
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The graphitization of carbon materials is carried out at a high temperature of 2300-2300 ℃, so the industry can only be realized by electric heating, that is, the current directly passes through the heated roasted products. At this time, the roasted products loaded into the furnace not only generate high-temperature conductors through the current, but also are the objects heated to high temperature.


At present, Acheson graphitization furnace and LWG furnace are widely used. The former has large output, large temperature difference and high power consumption, while the latter has short heating time, low power consumption and even resistivity, but it is not easy to install joints.


The control of graphitization process is to determine the electric power curve control corresponding to the temperature rise through temperature measurement. The power on time is 50-80 hours for Acheson furnace and 9-15 hours for LWG furnace.

The power consumption of graphitization is very large, generally 3200-4800kwh, and the process cost accounts for about 20-35% of the total production cost.

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