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Moulded graphite block is widely used
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The molding method is suitable for pressing products with uniform density and compact structure, which have little difference in size in length, width and height, such as electric brush for motor, graphite parts for point vacuum, sealing materials, etc. According to the different required temperature of product pressing, mold pressing can be divided into cold pressing, hot pressing and warm pressing; according to the different pressing directions, it can be divided into two types: one-sided pressing and two-sided pressing.


Put a certain amount of paste or powder into the mold with the required shape and size, and then pressurize from the top or bottom, or from both directions at the same time. Under the action of pressure, the paste particles move and deform, and the contact surface between the particles is mechanically occluded and interwoven due to plastic deformation, which makes the compactor compact. At the same time, the particles fill every corner of the mold and exhaust gas.


During molding, there will be friction between paste particles, paste and mold wall, resulting in uneven pressure distribution in the briquette, which is the cause of uneven density distribution of briquette. The thicker the briquette is, the more serious the inhomogeneity is. This kind of non-uniformity can be reduced by double-sided pressing or additional vibration.


Moulded graphite block is widely used, we can produce according to the requirements of customers, and provide high quality products for our customers. Various specifications graphite blocks for sale. We have professional technology and rich experience.

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