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Machining of graphite electrode
Views: 902 Update date: Mar 21,2020

The purpose of graphite material machining is to achieve the required size, shape, accuracy, etc. by cutting, and to make electrode body and joint that meet the use requirements.


The processing of graphite electrode is divided into two independent processes: electrode body and joint.


The machining of the body includes three processes: boring and rough evaluation of the end face, turning the outer circle and the fine flat section, and milling the thread. The machining of the conical joint can be divided into six processes: cutting, flat end face, turning the conical surface, milling the thread, drilling and installing the bolt, and slotting.


Electrode joint connection mode: conical joint connection, cylindrical joint connection, concave convex connection (public area buckle connection)


Processing accuracy control: thread taper deviation, thread pitch, joint hole diameter deviation, joint hole coaxiality, joint hole perpendicularity, electrode end face flatness, joint four point deviation, etc. Check with special ring gauge, plate gauge, etc.

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