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Is the sulfur content of carbon raiser as low as possible?
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The carbon raiser contains a certain amount of sulfur. Sulfur is a harmful element. Therefore, many foundries and steel mills generally choose low-sulfur carbon raisers as their production needs, but the necessary sulfur element is also a factor in improving the quality of smelting, such as smelting. For steel, an appropriate amount of sulfur can increase the toughness, impact and cutting performance of steel. This is essential for some steels with special requirements. Therefore, the sulfur content of the carbon raiser  is not as low as possible. The correct carbon raiser should be selected as the smelting material according to the production needs!


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The sulfur content of ordinary calcined coke has more grades, generally less than 3% to 0.1% sulfur, and the sulfur content of graphitized carbon raisers is generally less than 0.05%. In ordinary cast iron, sulfur element has the effect of stabilizing cementite and preventing the expansion of graphitization. Graphitizing carbon raisers with low sulfur content should be used in the production of ductile iron and vermicular graphite cast iron. If the sulfur content is too high, it will affect the spheroidizing effect, consume more spheroidizing agent, and increase production costs. The calcined petroleum coke carbon raiser is low in calcining temperature and high in sulfur content, generally below 1%, so it can be used in the production of some gray iron castings.


It can be seen that low-sulfur carbon raisers are not necessarily suitable for various smelting and production. When selecting carbon raisers, they should be purchased according to the demand for sulfur elements to achieve targeted procurement.

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