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Ingredients of carbon products
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According to the use conditions of carbon products, it is required to have various performance. Therefore, it is necessary to select various raw materials according to their performance, and to match the dosage and particle size between them, so as to make all kinds of raw materials learn from each other in the products, so as to achieve the required performance of products. One or more kinds of solid raw materials with different properties and particle sizes are combined with binder in a certain proportion, and this process becomes ingredients. Obviously, batching is an important process in the production process of carbon products.


Generally speaking, the ingredients of carbon products include the following three aspects:

First, select the type of carbon raw materials and determine the proportion of different kinds of raw materials.

Second, determine the particle size composition of solid carbon materials, that is, the proportion of different size particles.

Third, determine the type, performance and dosage of adhesive.


The performance of carbon products is based on the basic properties of the main raw materials. Therefore, in the design of ingredients, raw materials should be selected according to the performance requirements of products and the characteristics of different raw materials. Generally, the basic factors should be considered


Low ash raw materials should be used to produce products with high purity requirements, such as graphite electrode and anode paste for LV electrolysis. High purity graphite products put forward higher requirements for raw materials, such as ash content below 5%. For graphite products with high strength requirements, pitch coke should be used appropriately, and a small amount of carbon black can be added in some cases. Petroleum coke is better than pitch coke for products with good thermal shock resistance. In order to reduce the cost, anthracite, metallurgical coke or graphitized metallurgical coke can be used for products with low current density, such as electrode paste. For lining of metallurgical furnace and carbon block of blast furnace, multi ash raw materials can be used.

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