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How to use carbon raiser correctly?
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Carbon raisers can not only be used for steelmaking, but also often "show their skills" in casting. Foundries are also very happy to use this ferroalloy product. However, when using carbon raisers during casting, certain precautions are needed, otherwise they will often go "Detours" cause unnecessary waste.


Choose the right carbon raiser for your furnace
You should first choose the good type of carbon raiser, because different carbon raisers are often applicable to different smelting furnaces. Before purchasing carbon raisers, you must fully understand the use of your furnace. 


Choose nitrogen content that meets the requirements
Under normal circumstances, a low nitrogen content carbon raisershould be selected when casting, which will ensure that harmful substances are minimized. The content of titanium in the molten iron is very low and will not consume a lot of nitrogen, a large number of pores, gas shrinkage and other defects will appear because of the increase in nitrogen content. 


Choose carbon raiser with better graphitization
When casting, you should try to choose carbon raiser with better graphitization, otherwise it will cause low absorption rate, slowness, slag, and harmful elements that will affect the quality of molten iron.


Put carbon raiser at the right time
Pay attention to the adding time of carbon raiser during casting. Generally, it can be added in the early, middle and late stages of casting, and it can also be added at the same time as the scrap. Adding in the later period can also play a role in pretreatment and increase the graphite core!

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