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How to select graphite electrode materials for EDM?
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For graphite materials, there are mainly the four indicators that directly determine the performance of the materials:


1. Shore hardness of the material
Graphite is harder than metal materials, and the loss of the cutting tool is greater than that of the cutting metal. At the same time, the high hardness of graphite material in the discharge loss control is better.


2. The inherent resistivity of the material
The discharge rate of graphite material with high inherent resistivity will be slower than that with low resistivity. The higher the inherent resistivity, the smaller the electrode loss, but the higher the inherent resistivity, the stability of the discharge will be affected.


3. The bending strength of the material
The flexural strength of a material is a direct reflection of its strength, indicating the tightness of its internal structure. The material with high strength has relatively good discharge resistance performance. For the electrode with high precision, the material with good strength should be selected as far as possible.


graphite electrode


4. Average particle diameter of the material
The average particle diameter of the material directly affects the discharge condition of the material. The smaller the average particle of graphite material is, the more uniform the discharge is, the more stable the discharge condition is, the better the surface quality is, and the less the loss is. The larger the average particle size is, the better removal rate can be obtained in rough machining, but the surface effect of finishing is poor and the electrode loss is large.


At present, there are many different grades of graphite available from graphite electrode suppliers. Generally according to the average particle diameter of graphite materials to be classified, particle diameter ≤ 4 m is defined as fine graphite, particles in 5~ 10 m is defined as medium graphite, particles in 10 m above is defined as coarse graphite. The smaller the particle diameter is, the more expensive the material is, the more suitable graphite material can be selected according to the requirements and cost of EDM.

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