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How to judge carbon raiser good or not
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In the steelmaking industry, carbon raiser is not just an auxiliary material, it is also an important factor to ensure quality. When a smelter buys a poor quality carbon raiser, it not only loses money for purchasing carbon raisers, but also a greater loss. The waste rate of castings has skyrocketed. For example, for ductile castings, if you buy shoddy high-quality carbon raisers, and the nitrogen content of the carbon raisers is severely exceeded, the castings will have a large number of nitrogen hole defects, and the loss is immeasurable.


In recent years, with the development of the trend of replacing primary iron with scrap steel in steelmaking plants, the increase in the use of scrap steel has also greatly promoted the application of carbon raisers. At the same time, the quality of carbon raiser has a greater impact on the castings. Don't ignore these how to judge the carbon raiser!




1. Shoddy.
Carbon raisers are widely used in calcined coal, graphite, and petroleum coke. Mix powder and floor ash from similar products into the carbon raiser. The best way to recharge it is: the dealer will blend the carbon raisers that come in batches with different prices. The price is low, and the poor quality is converted to the high-priced goods.


2. False publicity
Regardless of the quality of carbon raiser, they dare to claim that the carbon content is between 98 and 95. In fact, the fixed carbon index cannot even reach 80%, and the absorption rate is only 60%. Distributors of such products can be sold as 98-brand carbon raisers, which is a deception without business ethics.


3. No manufacturer's name and contact information on the product packaging, and no quality inspection data.

This has been suspected of being illegal. In order to prevent smelters from contacting carbon raiser manufacturers, they usually do not leave the phone number of the manufacturer and the place of origin of the product on the packaging. 

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