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How to choose carbon raiser for steelmaking?
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The carbon raiser for steelmaking is an effective carbon raiser developed and produced for the steelmaking process. A certain amount of carbon raiser for steelmaking can be put in the steelmaking to adjust the content of carbon elements in the molten steel, thereby adjusting the toughness and hardness of steel, high-quality steel-making carbon raisers are often used in smelting to achieve an ideal recarburization effect. Therefore, the selection of high-quality steelmaking carbon raisers has become an important part of the steelmaking process. How to choose carbon raiser for steel?


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If you purchase carbon raisers for steelmaking, you should choose the carbon raisers needed for production. However, steelmaking carbon raisers generally have the common features of moderate particle size and larger pores. Such carbon raisers are often used in steelmaking. It can be quickly absorbed, and the chemical composition of such steelmaking carbon raisers is relatively pure. In terms of content, steelmaking carbon raisers should be selected from high-carbon and low-sulfur carbon raisers, and there are fewer harmful components. In terms of structure, the carbon raiser for steelmaking should also have the characteristics of good graphite crystals and effectively improve the nucleation ability of molten iron!


Choosing high-quality steelmaking carbon raisers is an important step in the production of high-quality steel. High-quality steelmaking carbon raisers can often play an important role in smelting and the effect is ideal.

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