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How to choose a good carbon raiser manufacturer? 
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Carbon raisers are mainly used in steelmaking, casting and other industries. As the molten metal melts during smelting, the internal carbon element has also been attenuated and lost. At this time, if corresponding recarburization measures are not taken, the production site will greatly affect the quality of product, and carbon raiser is a ferroalloy product developed to solve this problem.


With the improvement of steelmaking technology, carbon raisers are being used by many steel mill foundries, and the carbon raiser market is gradually heating up. Now there is a problem in choosing a good carbon raiser manufacturer on the market. It is difficult for purchasers to choose. This problem is not a local phenomenon but a widespread problem. How to choose a good carbon raiser manufacturer has become the most important problem!


Carbon Raiser


Manufacturers attach great importance to the purchase of carbon raisers. Not only can they effectively improve product quality, but it is also a good way to reduce smelting costs. Sohow to choose a carbon raiser manufacturer? This method is very effective!


If you want to choose the correct carbon raiser manufacturer, you must first see whether the particles of the carbon raiser are fine and the color is darker. In addition, to choose a correct recarburizer manufacturer, you should also see whether the test form of the recarburizer meets the production needs of your factory. At the same time, you can also refer to the certification of the authority of the recarburizer manufacturer. Finally, if you still don’t know how to choose a recarburizer manufacturer, you can ask for some samples for trial or your own test before purchasing.

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