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How much do you konw about carbon raiser?
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Carbon Raiser is made from calcined petroleum coke. As an ideal carbon additive and intermediate reactor, it has been widely used in different industries like metallurgy, chemistry, machinery, electricity, etc. The selection of a charging carbon is determined by the quality requirements of the steel or ferroalloy production as well as the cost and availability of carbon products. Due to its high carbon content, low and consistent S/P content and its porous structure, which allows hot metal to enter the tiny fissures to devour its carbon content quicker, coke is always the best choice for the furnace operation in slag foaming or in carbon adjustment, not mention the less costly and convenient.


Carbon Raiser


The characteristics of carbon raiser are good, while it has high density, low carbon, low ash and low resistivity. It is mainly used as a raw material for carbon products. Carbon raiser is widely used in steel and iron smelting and casting to increase carbon content of final products. It includes calcined anthracite coal carbon raiser, calcined petroleum coke carbon raiser, graphitized petroleum coke carbon raiser and artificial graphite powder carbon raiser. Selection of carbon raiser is dependent on product's property and production process. 


Carbon Raiser is mainly used as additive and fuel. Also known as carbon additive, calcined anthracite coal and gas calcined anthracite coal, its main ingredient is anthracite with characteristic of low sulfur and ash. More than 95% fixed carbon can be achieved by using it as a carbon additive of steel-smelting and casting.  It is mainly used in steelmaking in the electrical stove, screening water, also for shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust, producing carbon materials. 


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