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Graphite electrode price trend 2020
Views: 531 Update date: May 10,2021

This week graphite electrode prices continue to rise, the current electrode market regional price differences are gradually widening, some manufacturers said that the downstream steel prices are more, the price is difficult to rise sharply.

At present, in the electrode market, the supply of small and medium-sized specifications will continue to be tight, and the production of enterprises is also more active.

Raw material market petroleum coke, coal pitch and needle coke basically stable operation, market turnover is also good, the current raw material prices are stabilizing manufacturers cost fluctuations reduced, support still exists.


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Downstream steel procurement on demand, the overall performance of the market transaction situation is general, because of the continued rise in the price of graphite electrode steel costs are also on the rise, the current steel city high operation, the purchase intention of raw materials is general.


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