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Friction properties of graphite materials
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Graphite material is not only wear-resistant, but also self-lubricating. This is because the graphite crystal is easy to peel off along the crystal surface, forming a very thin graphite crystal film on the friction surface, which makes the friction coefficient significantly reduced.


In practical application, the wear resistance of the material is related to the sliding speed. With the increase of sliding speed, the temperature of friction surface will increase, and the wear resistance of friction material will decrease. However, graphite material has good thermal conductivity, which helps to quickly transfer heat from the friction surface, so the impact of sliding speed on friction coefficient and wear rate is very small, which does not reduce its wear resistance.


The reason why graphite materials can play the role of self-lubricating is mainly because of the weak binding force between the graphite layer and the layer, which is easy to slide relatively. When graphite forms a thin layer of graphite on the metal surface, it becomes the friction between graphite and graphite. In the presence of water and air, water and gas molecules are adsorbed on the working surface of graphite, which increases the distance between layers and weakens the attraction between layers. In addition, water and gas molecules occupy the position of free bond on the edge of graphite, Both of these factors make the two friction surfaces of graphite hard to adhere. Therefore, the self lubrication of graphite depends on the existence of water and air. As a lubricating material, the critical value of water content in the working environment is 5g / M 3, below which the graphite wear rate increases. However, in the air medium with a temperature of 300-400 ℃, the friction coefficient increases due to the strong oxidation of graphite, while in the neutral or reducing medium, even when the temperature reaches 300-1000 ℃, it still maintains good wear resistance.

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