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Four types of carbon raiser are available
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Carbon raiser is used to increase the carbon content in the molten iron. In the smelting process of casting, the smelting time, holding time, overheating time and other factors often increase the smelting loss of carbon in the molten iron, causing the carbon content in the molten iron to decrease, causing the carbon content in the molten iron to not reach the theoretical value expected for refining, and seriously affecting the smelting quality. At this time, it is necessary to invest carbon raiser to make up for the lost ferroalloy carbon. According to the use of carbon raiser during casting, we can roughly divide the carbon raisers into: ductile iron carbon raiser, gray iron carbon raiser, cast steel carbon raiser, special carbon raiser, each of which has fixed using method and strict requirements.


Ductile iron carbon raiser
Ductile iron carbon raisers generally use graphitized high-carbon and low-sulfur products. The basic index requirements are: C>98.5, S<0.05; its main materials are graphitized petroleum coke, graphitized electrodes and so on. It also has the highest absorption rate and the fastest absorption time among the recarburizers.


Gray iron carbon raiser
The general index requirement is that sulfur S<0.5 is enough, and the carbon content can be selected according to the cost control requirements of 98.5 95 93 90 and so on. The absorption rate of this type of carbon raiser is generally around 85%. Its main materials are non-graphitized petroleum coke, calcined coal, etc.


Cast steel carbon raiser
There are many types of cast steel carbon raisers. Generally, large steel mills will choose a variety of carbon raisers according to different steel grades, but the general materials are calcined coal, or graphite balls, and natural graphite is also used. The content ranges from 75-99.


Special carbon raiser
They are mainly used in the manufacture of brake pads and core-spun wires. Petroleum coke with a particle size of 0-0.5 or 0.5-1MM is mostly used.

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