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Domestic UHP Graphite Electrode Price Remained High
Views: 153 Update date: Jun 13,2022

Recently, the price of domestic ultra-high-power graphite electrodes has continued to remain high and stable. As of press time, the price of ultra-high-power graphite electrode φ450 is 26,500-28,500 yuan / ton, and the price of φ600 is 28,000-30,000 yuan / ton. The transaction is average, and most of them take a wait-and-see attitude. At the beginning of the month, the bidding price of steel mills was low, and the purchase price of a few of them was higher than that of the previous month, which helped the price to stabilize after the increase.


On the downstream side, the average operating rate of 85 independent electric arc furnace steel mills was 71.03%, down 1.51% month-on-month and 12.25% year-on-year. Among them, East China and Southwest China showed a slight downward trend, and Northeast China showed a slight upward trend. The blast furnace operating rate of 247 steel mills was 82.61%, an increase of 0.70% from last week and a decrease of 4.75% from last year. The operating rate of electric furnaces is not ideal, and it is difficult to quickly form support for the price of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes after the price increase. In the later period, seven steel mills in South China, Southwest China and other places issued maintenance and production reduction plans, which may cause a negative price increase for some specifications of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. support.


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In terms of raw material costs, following the price increase last week, the domestic petroleum coke and needle coke prices remained stable this week, but the market supply was tight. An increase of 47.36%. Subject to the pressure of raw material costs, the overall supply of graphite electrodes in the market is on a downward trend, and some of them have switched production. 

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