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Domestic graphite electrode market outlook in 2022
Views: 218 Update date: Jun 01,2022

Production: during January-February, the mainstream graphite electrode enterprises maintain normal production state, but as the winter atmospheric environmental protection management approaching, into January, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning and other places will face production maintenance, market starts down and maintain low, after March graphite electrode market overall spot resource supply is tight.


Inventory, in the fourth quarter of 2021, market demand is far from expected, foreign market demand by outbreak again, the New Year inventory reserve is not strong, graphite electrode enterprise inventory accumulation, although some enterprises to accelerate capital reduction sales, but downstream demand recovery is not obvious, and accelerated the market malicious competition, inventory is not high, but the imagination is more obvious.


In terms of demand, China’s graphite electrode market demand surface is mainly reflected in the steel market, export market and metal and silicon market. Iron and steel market: from January to February, the steel market started low, the mainstream steel plant graphite electrode has the early stock inventory, the electric furnace steel plant started or general, in the short term, the overall procurement willingness of steel mills is not strong, in the short term, the plain downstream demand has little impact on the graphite electrode market. Silicon market: The silicon industry has not passed the dry period. In the short term, the metal silicon industry continues to start weak before the year, and the demand for graphite electrodes continues to be a stable and weak trend before the year.


In terms of export, ship freight remains high, and professional understanding is expected that freight rates will continue to run high for a period of time, which may ease in 2022.In addition, the global seaport congestion has been around 2021. In Europe and East Asia, for example, an average delay of 18 days, 20% more than before, resulting in higher shipping costs.



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