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Do not ignore the particle size of carbon raiser
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In the purchase of carbon raisers, many purchasers often choose the appropriate carbon raiser manufacturers from the perspective of price and product quality, but in fact, the particle size of carbon raiser must not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the production quality!


In the casting process, if the particle size of carbon raiser is less than 0.2 mm, it will be found to be very easy to wear. With the development of casting, the amount of carbon raiser used will become higher and higher, and its loss will become larger and larger. There are more carbon raisers with a size of 1-5 mm in current market . The use of such a particle size carbon raiser will make the casting even more effective. Of course, different particle size carbon raisers should be selected according to the needs of the production process.



It can be seen that in addition to price and quality when purchasing carbon raisers, the particle size of carbon raisers is also a problem to be paid attention to when purchasing. As for the size of the carbon raiser to choose, it should be based on the production process. According to the needs, we can choose carbon raiser with the right particle size reasonably!

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