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Detection methods of silicon in carbon raiser
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Carbon raisers are mainly used in steel smelting and precision casting processes. When using electric furnace smelting, carbon raisers should be put into smelting together with the charge, while less carbon raisers can be put on the surface of molten iron during the casting process. It should be avoided that the carbon raiser head put into the molten iron to cause excessive oxidation. The carbon raiser contains a certain amount of silicon, which is an important indicator that affects the hardness of the carbon raiser. What are the detection methods of silicon in carbon raiser?


First of all, the silicon element in the carbon raiser is an important indicator that determines the hardness value of the carbon raiser. At the same time, the appearance of silicon in the smelting project can react with oxygen to achieve the effect of deoxidation, especially the oxygen content is most important in steelmaking. The deoxidation effect can be achieved while adjusting the carbon content by increasing the carbon raiser!


Carbon Raiser


So what are the detection methods of silicon in carbon raiser? The current better method is to use atomic absorption detection, which has the advantages of high detection efficiency and more accurate values, and the particle size of the carbon raiser needs to be measured by the resistance method, carbon raisers tested by the above methods is suitable for high-purity graphite, natural graphite, electric brushes, silicon carbide, carbon raisers, petroleum coke and special-shaped graphite products!


If you want to produce high-quality steel or castings, you must pay attention to the content ratio of the elements in the smelting process. As one of the important indicators in the carbon raiser, it is very necessary to detect the content of silicon. 

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