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Carbon electrode of carbon products
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Carbon products refer to the products that are baked or impregnated and then roasted without graphitization. Let's introduce the carbon electrode in detail.


Carbon electrode is a kind of conductive material, which is mainly made of anthracite and metallurgical coke (sometimes petroleum coke and pitch coke). Its high ash content, high resistivity, thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance are not as good as graphite electrode, but its compressive strength at room temperature is higher than that of graphite electrode, and its production cost is only one-half of that of graphite electrode. Carbon electrode is used in small electric arc furnace and electric furnace for producing ferroalloy, yellow phosphorus and corundum. The current density of carbon electrode is much lower than that of graphite electrode. Therefore, the diameter of carbon electrode used in EAF with the same capacity is larger than that of graphite electrode. At present, the output of carbon electrode is not much.

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