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Carbon block and brick
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Carbon block is a kind of carbon refractory widely used in metallurgical industry. It has good thermal conductivity, conductive chemical stability, high temperature volume stability and high temperature strength. The carbon block can be divided into blast furnace carbon block, electric furnace carbon block and aluminum electrolysis carbon block. Carbon brick is used as corrosion-resistant lining in chemical equipment.


Blast furnace carbon block

Blast furnace carbon block has been used for a long time. China has been in use since 1957. At present, a large number of carbon blocks are used to build large blast furnaces from the bottom, hearth to the furnace abdomen, and some of them are built to the furnace body. Blast furnace carbon block uses metallurgical coke and anthracite as raw materials, and the products are roasted at 1200 ℃. When a small amount of graphitized metallurgical coke or crushed stone ink is added, the thermal conductivity can be improved. In order to improve the density of carbon block, it is often used to impregnate with asphalt and then bake it again. In different parts of blast furnace, carbon blocks are subject to different chemical and physical erosion, so different quality carbon blocks should be selected for masonry, among which the ventral area and tuyere area have the highest requirements for carbon blocks.


Carbon block

In order to make the carbon block have high thermal conductivity, alkali resistance and low permeability, the electric calcined anthracite is used as the main raw material in the formula, and the additives such as grinding, silicon dioxide and silicon carbide are added. The "hot molding process" is developed in the process.

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